My journey to product launch

I started affiliate marketing in 2017, and frankly, I was about as bad at it as you can get.

I was very busy online, posting here there and everywhere, but with no results.

I was buying every tool that dropped into my inbox, but I could not get any of them to work.

To be honest, I was playing at it.

Over that time though, I did buy one piece of software that was great, but had next to no documentation!

As with many launches, there was a product Facebook Page, so I joined. The page was full of people asking things like, “How do I add this?”, “Where is the xyz feature?”, “Why is this happening?” I responded to a few of these with a little video showing the answer. These went down quite well.

After a couple of weeks, the product creator contacted me and offered to pay me to create a training course for the product for him.  I agreed and the training was well received. For his next product, he asked me to write the training before he launched!

I found that I enjoyed the process and was good at it.

I decided that I wanted to take this further and create my own training products… but that was the problem.

Creating the course (for me at least was the easy part). But I had no idea about how to promote it, where to host it, how to recruit affiliates to sell it and a whole bunch of other stuff that I did not even know that I did not know.

So in 2021 I joined John Thornhill’s Partnership To Success and followed the 60 days to launch a product training.

I don’t know what planet John lives on, but 60 days! There was so much to learn and take in that for me it took me about 160 days. (to be fair John does say to work at your own pace!)

I diligently followed the training and built my first affiliate product. As I say, I found the product part easy. For me, it was everything else that took time. The Affiliate recruitment page, the sales page, structuring the offer, what sales platform to use, etc.

I found that I would go through a training module, building the page as I went. I would then go through the module again and notice all the things I had missed or got wrong.

The training was excellent BUT… for me at least, the most powerful element of Partnership To Success is the fact that John Thornhill and others promote my product as an affiliate.

I had John on board as part of my membership, but I needed to recruit more. Tempted though I was to set the earliest launch date I could, I deliberately gave myself eight weeks to recruit affiliates. I put a fair bit of effort into this.

I posted about the launch regularly

I paid for a Muncheye listing

I emailed affiliates.

My killer move was to search for past product launches in my niche, and see who sold the most in the sales competitions. I then approached them about my product to see if they would be willing to promote it.

I targeted 10 sellers I particularly wanted on board, they tended to be in 3rd or 4th place in the competitions, not too big that they would not at least consider an offer from an unknown “wannabe”. To these I sent an email with the subject line  “No such thing as a free Lunch Launch” and enclosed a digital restaurant voucher, asking them to consider my product over the lunch I just bought them.

This was well received.

I launched my first product in Feb 2022!

The result was staggering, I sold over 350 copies! I turned over $6.5k, and I added over 200 buyers to my email list!!!  And remember, I had been failing since 2017!

My first product sales and earnings

The launch itself was a revelation, it was the first time that I had made serious commissions, but there was more to come.

In fact, my launch put me in the top 25% of sellers on Warrior Plus

woohoo, top 25% seller

That one launch, done properly, following the system that had been laid out for me step by step, meant that for that launch I was able to do better than 75% of all other launches that week!

Not only that, but because I now had buyers rather than freebie seekers, my  email open rates rocketed,

I went from having 0 % – 8% open rates to getting 40%-60% open rates and up to 44% click-throughs!

Email open rates shot up

As I now had a list of responsive buyers (all be it a small one), I emailed out to them in the following weeks as other members of Partnership to Success had launches of products that fit with mine and that I thought added value and would be of benefit to my subscribers.

The unimaginable happened! For the first time in 5 years of promoting offers, I got on the leader boards!

I made the leader boards for the 1st time

For about 6 months I did nothing on product creation.

However, I was thinking about it, a lot. I decided I wanted to build a PLR brand, and so around September 2022, I started to create a new website, to launch my products.

Having got everything set up and ready to go, my mind turned to launch this new site and my new products… and so…

Having seen success with Partnership To Success in the past, and knowing how powerful their support is, particularly when it comes to promoting a launch, I  paid for 5 years’ worth of membership.

I have already proven that this system works, I already have a successful product, I have products ready to go and to my mind, there has never been a better time to launch.

If, in the past, you have wondered about creating and selling your own product, remember that now is a great time to start!

If you have tried and failed because you were not sure how to go about it… remember Partnership to Success is a great place to get the help you need

If you launched a product but made next to no sales, remember that John Thornhill is great at promoting members’ launches to his huge list of buyers.

Find out about the potential of product creation on this free webinar,