A Book Of Blank Pages Changed How I Make Money Online

I follow several people that make money online; one guy, who I have bought products from regularly is Steven Alvey (https://warlord.io/).

His PLR products are second to none.

As with all good online marketers, Steven emails me periodically and to be honest…. most of the time… I skip over his emails (and this is a guy I like and respect!), but a couple of months ago an email from him caught my eye.

He was promoting someone else’s product, Passive Income Publishing (PIP).

The idea behind the PIP was that a mother and daughter combination had created a training course that showed you how to publish low content books on Amazon.

Empty Page BooksWithin weeks Tanya had published several gratitude journals, I had published a Boggle score pad, my son had published a configurable to-do list, and even my ten-year-old granddaughter had published a colouring book! Great though the course was, it was not the course that made the difference to my thinking!

By the way, the course is still available if you go to https://pipcourse.com/


But as I say, the course was not the thing that gave me that lightbulb moment. Before I tell you what had changed, let me briefly describe my online efforts to date.

I have been working as an affiliate marketer, promoting a range of high and low priced products that have resulted in commissions. However, I have also been creating content for other marketers, either short videos, or full-on product training videos, and that too has produced a steady income. On top of that, I created a high-value free Affiliate Marketing training site that has been week received. My progress to date and my earnings have been….. just OK.  So what changed?

Marlene and Michelle Roberts, the authors of the PIP course, wrote to thank all that had bought their course, and reported that they had made over $10,000 during their product launch! AND THAT was what changed my thinking. That is the big change. I have decided that rather than only sell other people’s products for a % of the sale value, I am going to sgtart building my own poducts and paying others a % to sell them for me.

Now because Steven Avery had promoted the launch, I guessed that he had had a hand in crafting the product and launch, so where I got an email a few days ago talking about partnering with him and John Thornhill, to be taught how to create and launch a product, AND have both Steven and John promote the product to their own subscribers, I jumped at the chance to sit in on one of their webinars where they explain both the opportunity and the support they offer in detail.

Even before I attended the call, I knew this was something I needed to consider very seriously, and that this could be the one thing that made the big difference for me.

At the end of the call, as bonus after bonus was added to the already inviting offer, I signed up and am now going through the training that will lead me to the launch of my own product.

The training starts from a clean slate, so in some places, in these early days it is a bit like teaching my grandmother to suck eggs, but that’s OK. (Though to be honest I never really understood why grandmothers do that…. I must ask Tanya). I committed myself to not skip over the bits I think I know, but to follow the process step by step, video by video, task by task. And I am glad I did.

If you want to know more about the course, do leave a comment below and I will get back to you ASAP.


Onwards and Upwards




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  1. Helen Kaye

    This is a really good post and very readable, informative and intriguing! Looking forward to more from you guys! 😉

  2. Kristi Sayles

    Congrats on getting started with your new internet marketing adventure!
    Looking forward to keeping up with your success.
    You can’t do better than having John Thornhill as a mentor!

  3. Diana Keeler

    This was an awesome post! It is great to see how you have gotten to this point and will be fun to watch where you go. From here.

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