Affiliate Training & Other Untruths

Affiliate Training from a top guru has to be expensive and tins of baked beans contain baked beans !

You think you know the facts but….

Every now and then something comes along to show you just how little you really know…. I am going to talk about that in a moment.

So here are four things that you probably believe, but are in fact untrue.

It’s not just Affiliate Training people get wrong!

1: Baked Beans.

You probably believe that tins of baked beans have baked beans in them, but no!

The beans in the tin have been stewed, not baked!

2: Napoleon Bonaparte.

You probably believe he was short, but No!

He was five feet seven, which in those days was above average height.

3: Viking Helmets

If I asked you what the Vikings had on their helmets, I bet you would say “Horns”, but No!

The horns are complete fiction. There is no evidence to support the idea that the Vikings ever had horns on their helmets.

4: Affiliate Training

You probably think that getting affiliate marketing training from one of the top Affiliate Marketers will cost you an arm and a leg, but No!

Michael Cheney is a top marketer who has made millions and millions and is currently selling his whole seven-figure affiliate marketing training for under ten dollars.

Michael’s Affiliate Training course has proven to be very effective and he has sold over 3,000 in the past few months, its that good!

In this training he shares;

  • Why the old way no longer works
  • Why you need to build a “money-making machine” to do the hard work
  • Why you need a system that creates recurring income

but rather than me list all that here, check out the full details on his sales page.

Then when you are done reading, you buy it straight away and get started

The 7 Figure Affiliate Training system

The details are here: Michael Cheney’s Seven Figure Affiliate System

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