Email Marketing Tips for success

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Here are five absolute must-dos for email marketing success.

I guess you are reading this because you want to succeed in online marketing or affiliate marketing, and for that you need to get your email marketing working.

Let’s go through the five absolute Email Marketing ‘Must-Dos’

1: You must be authentic in your email marketing.

You need to write in your own voice, in your own style, so that people can connect with you. They want to get to know the real you, not some cheap knock off version of someone else.

It’s okay to learn from others but don’t copy them word for word. Even if they provide you email swipes and say, use this, adapt the emails to speak in your own voice.

One way I do that is to use the “dictate function in MS Word, and speak my emails, then tidy up the text afterwards.

2: You must deliver value in your email marketing.

There has to be a reason for people to open your emails, you have to give them something that they want or need. If you’re finding that your email list is dwindling, one potential reason could be that you’re not providing your subscribers with the content they need.

If you’re providing valuable content, your subscribers will be more likely to keep subscribed. In addition, providing valuable content could attract new subscribers who are looking for insights that you can offer.

Don’t constantly sell to them, make sure that when you are writing your emails, you’re adding real value.

Sometimes that value may be some helpful tips, or information on how to do something. Sometimes the value may be in the form of a story with a moral.

And sometimes it will be a product that you know will help them. But always there should be something in it for the reader.

3: You’ve got to keep going with your email marketing.

Don’t just send a single email then forget about it, you need to continually email valuable helpful content so that people get to know like and trust you.

Email marketing success can take some time, not every email will get opened every time, so you must keep going.

One of the benefits of keeping on emailing is that you get to learn from your mistakes and see what does and does not work with your audience.

As you’re emailing out keep an eye on how your emails are being received if an email is not being opened then learn why see whether it’s the headline, or if it’s the content.

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5: You must know what you’re doing in your email marketing.

Email marketing done well is highly effective, but it takes time to learn those skills. To be able to do it well so you need to invest in your training.

Get some formal email training such as the excellent Email Power Machine.

Sign up to successful marketer’s email lists and see how they craft their emails

Learn what makes a successful email both in terms of format, content and timings.

Disappointed, Think I have messed up?

Now the more observant of you may well be feeling cheated at this point, I promised five tips, but skipped one, so now you only have four. Sorry about that, but I wanted to make a point for the fifth tip! You see you have to deliver what you promise, so if you say something in your email, make sure it’s true, if you promise something, make sure you deliver. So its absolutely essential that you deliver on your promises!

P.s. Do check out the link to this brilliant email training package:

Email Power Machine.

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