How To Beat The Rejection Cycle

So what’s the worst time you have been denied access? Let me know in the comments below!

Call Security!

Mine has to be the time they would not let me in the data centre I was supposed to be inspecting!

It was my fault; really, you see I was working on a national medical data system, all very high security… supposedly. My job was to ensure that our suppliers were meeting their contractual obligations.

On this one occasion, I turned up at a data centre to meet with the supplier’s project manager. The reception was exceptionally busy, and after waiting for a while to be signed in, I got bored!

I saw an opportunity to tailgate someone, into the building as they stood with the door open, chatting to a colleague. I quickly nipped through and started walking around the different floors. I had no pass or ID, and had to time my entrances to the work areas as someone was coming or going. For twenty minutes, I wandered around unchallenged. Eventually, I sat at someone’s unlocked computer and started typing randomly.

All Hell Broke Loose

When the guy got back to his desk, all hell broke out. Security was called, and I was threatened with police action. I called my guy to come and rescue me and explained that I would be writing a report about their poor security. As you can guess, it kicked up quite a storm.

I soon discovered that no one likes a smart arse!

Four weeks later, I was there again for a systems review. I got to the car park security gate and waited to be let in or asked who I was there to see. I waited, and I waited. I got out to speak to the guard, but the window remained firmly closed.

I waited half an hour before the project manager came to find me and let me in. It appears that there was a memo set out with my car reg and photo, instructing staff to be extra vigilant if I was on-site and not to grant me unescorted access ANYWHERE!

On top of that, because a lot of people, including security, had got chewed out, they decided it was their job now to make it as difficult for me as possible!

Affiliate Rejection

But what about your Affiliate Marketing world? Are you facing “restricted access” issues?

Are your requests to promote products being denied?

I know how that feels as well.

I had to face a raft of rejections before I got allowed to start promoting products, it happens a lot and to everyone!

That is why Darren Brown came up with the Review Beta Training system.

In that system, he trains you to write great product reviews for YouTube and how to set your YouTube channel up so you get eyes on your videos.


He has gone a step further…

If you pass his assessment at the end of the training, he grants you access to a bunch of affiliate products, where the product owner has said, we will approve any of your successful students and allow them to promote our products!

Yep,  now you get an “Access All Areas” pass to start promoting products and earning commissions!

Check it out here