Michael Cheney Ate My Rhino

Yes it’s true…. Michael Cheney ate my Rhino, I will tell you when and how In a moment, but first..

It was my granddaughter’s birthday, she was 8 , and she wanted Grandad to organise a Unicorn themed party for her and her friends.

Unicorn Poo

So that’s how come a bunch of little girls, dressed as Disney princesses, came to be charging around screaming like banshees and enthusiastically shoving their hands into piles of unicorn poo searching for treasure!

shaving Foam Unicorn Poo
Unicorn Poo ready to deploy

In reality what I had done was taken glass gems, covered them in shaving foam and liberally covered the piles in glitter. About a third of the poo piles had the gems in them, and the game was to find as many as possible as quickly as possible.

Every little girl wanted a piece of unicorn treasure, but none of them, deep down, really believed that unicorns existed… but the fact is they do!

Unicorns Are Real!

Yes honestly, unicorns really do exist!

Its just that unlike the cartoons and colourful story books, real life unicorns are fat, grey and unexciting, they are called Rhinos!

Which brings us on to how Michael Cheney ate my rhino!

If Michael Sold Rhinos

If you don’t know of Michael Cheney, then let me tell you he is a highly successful marketer (I mean like tens and tens of thousands a month successful!).

One of the things that makes Michael so successful is his ability to grab attention, engage his audience and present solutions in a way that makes people want to go and grab whatever he is selling!

Believe me, if Michael was selling a rhino  he would make sure that by the time you had finished reading what he had to say you would want a rhino. You would be just like every eight year old girl who wants a unicorn!

He would not be telling you that a rhino is big and round with for legs and a single  horn… no he would be telling you how by owning a rhino you would immediately gain fame in your community, he would be telling you how your roses, fed on rhino manure, would win you accolades at the local flower show, and so much more!

The amazing thing is, Michael is not just sharing his knowledge, he is sharing his whole system and for a unicorn mage price of less than $10!

Partner With Michael

I signed up to received training, advice and support from Michael on June 6th at 11:30 am and have been simply blown away with what I have learned so far… its worth way way way more that the $10 it cost me!

It was by listening to Michael that I realised just how fat and grey and boring my marketing was. By following his advice, bit by bit he has eaten my rhino, in its place a beautiful new unicorn is growing!

If you would like to discover what Michael has to offer, (and learn how to market in a way that builds you loyal customers and ardent fans ) check out his page here:

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