Telling My Story

I am always a bit surprised by people who say they don’t know what to blog about, I think a lot of the time it is because they want to ‘teach rather than blog.

I certainly know that all too often I fall into that trap, and I have just been reminded that I need to 'tell my story' rather than 'preach my message'.

Remember that the term ‘blog’ means to have a Web Log…..and a log is simply a record of what has been happening (think, Star Trek “Captain’s log stardate 23 167”)

I am thinking about this as I have just had a piece published as a guest post on John Thornhill’s blog, (You can read it here:

This is the first time someone else has said, “Your writing is good enough for me to want to publish it,”, I am thrilled!

It has certainly encouraged me to think about my blogging activity.

I have been putting it off a bit whilst I concentrate on building a product for sale later this year. I guess I thought I was too busy 'doing' to think about blog topics.

However, I realsie that I am missing a trick. 

I am sure there will be people out there who will be interested in what I am doing and how I am doing it, in fact I know there is as I have made some Facebook live broadcasts about odd bits and they have been well received.

So now I am going to blog about some of that 'doing', and about other aspects of my life.

Some posts will be personal related

Some of what I will blog about will not relate to my business. For example, recently Tanya and I  have moved to a beautiful rural part of Portugal, where there are large swathes of cork pasture, beautiful clear streams and rivers, and very little use of pesticides, so an abundance of wildlife.

This week, Tanya and I had a slightly longer walk through the wilderness behind our house (we are in lockdown, so out options are limited, but behind us is miles and miles of very sparsely populated countryside.

The storks are tidying their nests ready for the spring and we are looking forward to seeing them raise their young.

Up the road is a shepherd, who brings his flock down to the grass outside our house to munch away in the afternoon, and we are lulled by the gentle clanging of the bells round their necks.

Some will be business related
This week I have been building a new website, and so I think my next blog will be to show you what free tools I have been using.

I am building some Private Label Rights products ready to launch. I have just finished creating the videos for the first product and will be moving on to craft the sales pages and membership area.

I have also been posting a bit more in Facebook, and seeing my engagement start to grow there, but still have a way to go before it gets to where is needs to be.

So do look out for more updates from me, and also sign up to my newsletter if you want to get regular updates, news, offers and tips.