We have arrived!

Both physically and digitally we have arrived in a new country over the last few days.

On Saturday November 21st, Tanya and I boarded a plane from


Heathrow in the UK to Faro in Portugal. Our flight had twice been cancelled in the weeks leading up to this, due to the Covid pandemic, and so it was with no small feeling of relief that we sat back in our seats as the jet took off.

We were starting a new chapter in our life as we emigrate to a new country, with different customs, language, people and places!

About the same time, we decided that we would explore new territory online, and joined   John Thornhill’s Partnership To Success. Over the next few weeks and months we will be producing our own digital products to market online, and build our own affiliate program.

So how exactly are the two things related?

Tony and Tanya Outside Their propertyWell, we have bought a ruin, and we need to fund it’s restoration, and as I have no other income, it is going to be the sale of my digital products that is going to provide the funds for the build as well as give us what we need to enjoy the lifestyle we desire.

Here we are as work has started to rebuild the walls!

This blog will keep you up to date both with how we are getting on in Portugal, as well as how we are getting on in or digital venture.

Onwards and upwards,




4 thoughts on “We have arrived!

    • Tony@TonyandTanyaSimms.com Post author

      I David, Thanks for stopping by. We have Family in Portugal, so been hollidaying there for many years, its a lovely country, so always been a dream of ours to live there.

  1. Christopher Paul

    Hey Guys,

    Wow, what a jump? Honestly, this is the plan for me also at some point, to move from the UK to somewhere with some SUN.. We have our eyes on Murcia in Spain TBH, but our youngest is 14YO so need a few years yet!

    Them few years, gives me the time to get the online dream up and profitable.

    Going to watch your journey and wish you both all the luck in world.

    • Tony@TonyandTanyaSimms.com Post author

      Hi Christopher, thanks for the comment. My daughter moved here 5 years ago with a one year onld child, so I think you have to come really early, so the children can learn the language and join a school, or come later, when they are grown. It must be difficult for older children I think. Most definalty you have time to build the online ncome so that you can find the place of your dreams and live the life you deserve. all the best.

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