What a pile of crap

or…. Where There’s Muck there’s Brass

We are rebuilding a ruin in the middle of nowhere in Portugal.

We need a solution to our human waste!

We came across a bio-toilet solution that turns your bodily output into cooking gas!

It looks great, and guess what? They have an affiliate program!

So I am currently looking into whether this will be a suitable solution (I will need the architect’s sign-off), but… if it is, then, as Portugal has many off-griders who might find such a solution attractive and I could be earning commissions promoting it….

Easy-peasy, I will just blog about it on the many Facebook groups!

You see, side hustles don’t have to be difficult, and sometimes they can grow into a significant income provider!

Here’s my top side hustle tip

1: Find a product you believe in that meets a need.

2: Check if they have an affiliate program. If not, move on to one that does. If they do, join it.

3: Buy the product

4: Start posting about your use of the product, concentrating on the benefits it brings

That is what I will do if I go for this product. I will create a number of videos with my phone or GoPro showing the unpacking, the land prep, the building and the operation, so I will have a number of videos to share on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter etc.

I will target them at preppers and off-griders, and explain how it was easy to install, gives me free cooking gas, help reduce water usage etc.

Now that is also exactly what I am doing with Michael Cheney’s new product.

It’s called the “7 Figure Affiliate System.”

Now I like Michael Cheney, it was him who got me into affiliate marketing five years ago. And boy does he know his stuff!

So I bought it, became an affiliate, and now I am working through his training.

It means that I don’t have to create a product myself.

It means I have a proven step-by-step blueprint to follow.

It means I have the support of Michae’s team.

So I will be blogging about how I am getting on with the training, and if it really does allow me to earn the commissions it says that it can!

You can read about it here on Michael’s sales page

7 Figure Affiliate System

And yes, if you buy it, I will get a commission, which may well be the subject of a blog entitled… IT WORKS!