Split Testing – The answer is Black & White

I can hardly believe it?

OK, I am officially shocked at the result of this landing page split test!

I have been driving traffic to my free Affiliate Marketing training course….FirstStepsInAffiliateMarketing.com

I created a number of landing pages to see which would convert best.

I decided to split test two options by directing solo ad traffic at the pages

The aim of split testing is to optimise your page conversion rate through trial and error.

Each test you run allows you to see which element of the page is most effective,

In this case I used the same traffic source and the copy was almost exactly the same with the exception of one word (Family)

My split test pages

Here are the two pages

Split testing white landing page
Page 4
Split testing black page
Page 5

I was genuinely shocked at the results of the split test.

Look at these stats….

The thing to look at here is the ‘goals ratio’ in the last column.

Whilst the White text on a Black background converted at 2.5 % the Black text on a White background converted at a staggering 28.7%

Now I am sure there are some clever psychologists out there that will tell you exactly why that is the case, but for me I don’t care about the reason why, I just know that from now on my ads will be black on white!

Of course the thing with split testing is that you do have take a risk.

I had to pay for the traffic to go to both pages before I found the right one.

Buy that investment paid off, after a couple of hundred hits on both pages I was easily able to spot the clear winner and switch the remaining traffic to the more effective page.

I will now look a the other landing pages I created, knowing that I should only use the black text on white background, and continue my split test experiments till I get the best possible results.

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